Head Complements Melbourne Hair Pieces.

At Head Complements, we carry a wide range of hair pieces, extensions, accent pieces, and other hair loss solutions. Our range includes mostly hair pieces for women, with a limited range of hairpieces for men. This page shows a small selection of our range of hairpieces.

We especially cater to women who may have eg. male pattern baldness (loss of hair on the top or crown), thinning hair or various patches of hair loss - all of which can be strategically hidden with the right piece.

Unsightly re-growth can easily be camouflaged with a hair piece until your next hairdressing appointment!

For younger woman requiring more length and volume to their existing hair, clip in hair extensions are the easy answer. They are easily removed on a daily basis which gives them a longer life than the permanent extensions and will not damage your own hair.

Hair pieces are available in both synthetic and human hair and range in price from $39 (for the smaller accent pieces) to $750 for a human hair fall with a monofilament crown.

Our consultants will be pleased to show you hairpieces appropriate to your circumstances, taking into consideration the style, colour, price and frequency of use. Should we not have your particular style or colour in stock - we can easily order it in for you. If you require extra security for your hairpiece, you may need to consider toupee clips, wig caps, adhesive tape or gel bands. Our experienced hairdressing staff will be happy to discuss these issues with you.

The hairpieces shown here are intended as a representative sample of our collection and are shown here to give an indication of our styling and typical pricing. New styles are constantly being added, and older styles deleted. Click on any of the smaller images on the right hand side to take you further down the page to see a larger image as well as a description and price.

Our range of hair pieces is extensive and is sure to please the most discerning customer.

LAC Hair Piece MEM Hair Piece
LEM Hairpiece LRC Hairpiece

The following shows a small sample of our collection of Hairpieces

SNT Hair Piece

Model: SNT Hairpiece

A friendly, gently curled monofilament filler on a flexible 16.5 cm by 16.5 cm base with 4 pressure sensitive clips for easy attachment and a polyurethane front rim to accommodate tape for added security. Lyric gives a boost to a new coiffure or adds more hair where needed.

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Model: TMO Hairpiece

Model: TMO Hairpiece

Classic top headpiece with longer top layer. Four clips. Size approx. 17 x 17 cm. Hair length approx. 15 cm.

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Model:PLL Hair Piece

Model: PLL Hair Piece

Winning league hairpiece. Size approx. 16 x 15 cm. With Clips. Synthetic.

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Model: TWN Hairpiece

Model: TWN Hairpiece

A bridesmaid's life saver - Twins is a versatile hairpiece on bendable wire; comb attachment easily grips to all hair types.

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Model:WGL Hair Piece Model WGL Hairpiece

Model: WGL Hair Piece

Use as an integration piece or as a regular wiglet for added fullness. Alternating lengths of 5" – 5 1/2" SPECIAL FEATURES: Honeycomb wefting for easy integration, flexible oval shaped base measuring 4" by 5 1/2". Toupee clip for secure attachment. Only one ounce in weight.

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Model:CLI Hairpiece

Model: CLI Hairpiece

Ten Piece Clip-in Extensions: A set of 8 pieces, 18" long (45 cm.) in varying weft widths (four pieces - 1 1/2" wide, two pieces - 6" wide, one piece - 7" wide and one piece - 8" wide; two pieces 1" wide added for testing colour and perms). Made from the finest quality, 100% human hair - totally natural and absolutely gorgeous. Lightweight, easy to attach and incredibly versatile, they give thin hair volume and short styles natural looking length.

Cut, curl, add highlights or low lights, perm it or wear it straight: it's all up to you.

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Model HMT Hairpiece Model HMT Hairpiece Back

Model: HMT Hairpiece

Mono-top, mid length human hair piece with 3 clips and dual perimeter for easy customizing.

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Model FLN Hair Piece Model: FLN Hair Piece

Model: FLN Hair Piece

100% human hair piece, mono top for styling versatility. 16 x 17 cm, aprox 12 to 18 cm long.

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Model LRC Hairpiece Model:LRC Hairpiece

Model: LRC Hairpiece

A whiff of hairstyle at its best. A monofilament hairpiece with four presuure sensitive clips. 16 x 16 cm.

Adds more hair where needed.

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Model JST Hair Piece Model:JST Hair Piece

Model: JST Hair Piece

Ideal mono part - super smooth. Extremely light weight hair piece with pressure sensitive clips.

Heat sensitive fibre allows styling versatility. 14 x 8 cm and approximately 30 cm long.

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Model LAC Hairpiece Model: LAC Hairpiece

Model: LAC Hairpiece.

100% human hair. Unique long hair as a top headpiece. Full mono top with 5 pressure sensitive clips. 13 x 15 cm and aprox 35 cm long.

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Model MEM Hair Piece

Model: MEM Hair Piece

Feather light human hair piece.

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Model LEM Hairpiece Model: LEM Hairpiece

Model: LEM Hairpiece

A fringe piece.

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Model STN Hairpiece

Model: STN Hairpiece

A friendly, gently curled filler on a flexible 6½" x 6½" base with 4 pressure sensitive clips for easy attachment.

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Model HAL Hairpiece

Model: HAL Hairpiece

The hair halo accessory is the perfect complement to any turban. It is basically a velvet-lined circle of hair. It is shown here with a terry turban.

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