Hair loss can be due to a range of factors including low iron levels, low vitamin D, low iodine, stress, the pill and related hormonal levels, thyroid or adrenal problems, COVID 19 and cancer treatments. Women often wear wigs or hairpieces when experiencing unexplained hair loss to reduce their level of stress, thereby breaking the cause and effect.

Hairpieces are a perfect solution for women with thinning hair, as you can achieve a seamless look by incorporating a hairpiece with your own hair. We offer many different hairpieces in a range of lengths, density of hair, size of hairpiece and type of hair fibre. Depending on your style, you may opt for synthetic or luxurious human hair. We cater to all needs, for example, if your parting is the obvious area of thinning, a fine little strip of human hair on a mesh base may be all that is required, or if the whole crown of the head is bare, a larger hairpiece with pressure sensitive clips may be necessary. Finally, if you just need a ‘little something’ for a fuller look, a small circle of synthetic curls on a weft base may do the trick. Please contact us to discuss your options, we are happy to show you what can be achieved.

For clients without hair, a well-fitting wig is essential. Wigs come in different sizes, so it is essential to get the right fit. Sometimes it will be necessary to alter the wig to conform to your head size, while hairpieces will often come with toupee clips which offer non-slip grip. Correctly fitting a wig involves understanding your individual requirements. Alternatively, many women prefer using our roll-on body adhesive to prevent wig slippage. We can discuss these considerations with you to determine the best solution.

Despite what you may have read or been told by others, this is a more complex issue than you might think. Synthetic wigs come with a built-in style that lasts even when washed, without the need for setting. Human hair wigs on the other hand will need to be styled after every wash, but this does give you the versatility to choose between straight or curly as you would your own hair.

Human hair wigs are much heavier than synthetic wigs, which can be an issue during warmer months and while synthetic wigs cannot be coloured, their shades are more vibrant than in human hair wigs. Human hair wigs will generally last at least twice as long as synthetic wigs, which is one of the reasons why the cost is much higher. However, new wig technology has significantly closed the gap between synthetic and human hair wigs, in particular the ‘heat friendly’ synthetic wigs which can be restyled using your own equipment. Ultimately, the best choice comes down to your personal requirements and we welcome you to discuss your needs with our team and to try both types during your fitting to see what feels best.

Like any garment, wigs will become soiled over time, depending on the duration of wear, the weather and your activities. Wigs that are never washed can accumulate perspiration and the stretch base can lose its elasticity, so as a rule of thumb we suggest washing your wig every three weeks if you wear it regularly. Washing your wig is as easy as hand washing a delicate garment. Just be sure to use a wig shampoo and wig conditioner that is specially formulated for your type of wig. We supply all hair care accessories and provide comprehensive care instructions for all of our products.

We recommend you allow about one hour for your consultation. This should give you plenty of time to make your selection and, if necessary, have it fitted and trimmed. Consultations are free, with no obligation to purchase. It’s not that different to going to a shop and trying on some clothes. Alterations made to wigs from Head Complements for the purpose of correct fitting are without charge.

Remy hair refers to a human hair wig made from hair from one person. If you were to look at a single human hair under the microscope, you would see tiny barbs or hooks protruding from the hair. To combine hair from different people is to combine different hair structures, which tends to cause hair to tangle, and is generally hard to manage. 

The term ‘monofilament’ refers to the construction of the wig. A monofilament construction is more natural looking, as it resembles a normal scalp, giving a natural look to any synthetic or human hair wig that features a part in the hair. The amount of monofilament in a wig can vary from a small patch at the crown to a rectangular strip running underneath a side part or a full top monofilament to allow greater flexibility in parting options. The hair in a monofilament wig is hand-knotted, hair by hair, to stimulate the look of natural growth.

We recommend trying on wigs, scarves, turbans, etc. as soon as possible, but there are no set rules for when you can be fitted. Some women prefer to have everything organised before treatment begins, and this is fine, however a second fitting may be required after hair loss if your wig needs to be altered for a closer fit. Others will come for a consultation as their hair begins to fall out and this is not a problem for us hygienically as we use wig caps to keep the errant hair in place. We also see women who have no hair at all, and while the fitting is easy, it can be helpful to bring a recent photo so that we can assess your style and colour.

This condition involves the strong compulsion to pull your hair out at the root, leading to bald patches. If the person refrains from pulling their hair it will usually grow back, as long as the hair follicle has not been permanently damaged. Wigs can be worn during the regrowth period without retarding the process and may also function as a deterrent to hair pulling.

Yes we do. Synthetic wigs will generally take 24 hours. Human hair wigs may take a day longer, especially if a protein treatment is required. We can also style your human hair wig if required, charges apply.