Hair care & Accessories

Keeping your synthetic or human hair wig looking its best is easy with our complete range of hair care accessories, products and services.

Wig accessories

We stock a range of essential wig accessories, from wig stands to safely store your wig, to tape to keep it in place. You’ll also find products such as eyebrow makeup to complete your look.

Wig shampoo, conditioner and more

You’ll find wig shampoo, wig conditioner, wig hair spray, wig curl enhancer, wig caps and wig brushes available in store. Plus, when you purchase a wig from us, you’ll receive a ‘Care and Maintenance’ booklet that explains which products you’ll need and how to use them effectively for the best results.

Wig hair care services

A maintenance service is available for rejuvenating and reconditioning wigs, so if you prefer, our team can take care of your wig for you. We also provide a free alteration service for wigs purchased from us, which allows you to vary the size of your wig for a more dependable fit.

Developed exclusively for synthetic hair wigs, this high-quality shampoo removes excess sweat and product build-up, leaving your wig fresh, clean and ready to wear.

Give your synthetic wig the best of care with this specially formulated synthetic hair conditioner that delivers a soft and tangle-free result.

Synthetic hair balm is an essential step in your wig care routine. Use it on your synthetic wig after shampoo, for a soft, luscious, tangle-free finish.

Formulated exclusively for human hair wigs, this shampoo will keep your human hair wig or hairpiece clean, moisturise-rich and silky smooth.

Human hair intensive recovery mask rejuvenates your human hair wig, delivering long-lasting nourishment that makes your wig shine.

Care’N Repair is a spray-on conditioner that can be applied to your human hair wig, without the need to rinse. The result is soft, beautiful hair that is easy to brush.

Formulated for all kinds of wigs, this hair spray helps you keep your desired style in place for a seamless look every time.

Style your wig your way with Expert Care Styling Cream. Designed for wigs, it delivers a reliable hold and a natural look for your wig without the stickiness.

A hypo-allergenic roll-on body adhesive, It Stays is the no-fuss way to safely and gently secure your wig. The roll-on applicator is easy to use and the adhesive is odourless, gentle on skin and washes off with zero mess in warm water.

For a simple non-slip solution, you can’t go past the double-sided adhesive tape to keep your wig perfectly positioned in place.

Wig stands are the essential way to store your wig when not in use. This stand is ideal for long hair wigs, in particular, synthetic wigs as it can also be used to air dry back them to their original style after washing.

Perfect for storage and drying, this wig stand keeps your wig looking fresh. The clever design promotes air circulation for fast drying, and the sturdy, lightweight plastic snaps apart allowing you to fold it flat and take it with you on your travels.

For the ultimate in daily comfort, this bamboo cap features an elastic band and silicone anti-slip patches for a secured and reliable fit.

Available in black, blonde and nude, the mesh wig liner/cap is the comfortable way to prevent slipping and reduces friction, making it the ideal choice for everyday.

A beautiful bamboo cap that offers a simple and effective way to keep your wig in place. The luxury bamboo material is breathable and soft on your skin, making it perfect for everyday wear.

For perfect eyebrows in one minute, try our eyebrow make-up. Semipermanent, waterproof and powder-based, for a long-lasting, natural look. Available in five fashion colours, the kit includes a two-sided applicator brush and three styling templates for a flawless finish. Perfect for filling in sparse eyebrows or creating new ones.